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Awards for Early Educators
Awards for Early Educators

Money for your achievement

You can earn a big award for increasing your education in the ECE field. To be eligible, you must complete a higher ECE credential or degree.

AWARDS for Early Educators is a federally-funded program with 3 levels of awards. Eligible applicants can receive a single payment award for earning a higher credential or degree.

Awards levels

AWARDS for Early Educators are awarded on a first come, first served basis. Don’t delay in increasing your education and applying for the award. You must have earned an ECE credential or degree in the past 12 months, work in an eligible ECE job and work setting, and be with your current employer for six months. See the FAQ below for details. AWARDS for Early Educators is administered by Bright from the Start: Georgia Department of Early Care and Learning.

Frequently asked Questions
What are the employment requirements?
What is the wage requirement and how is my hourly wage calculated? 
What is the tenure requirement? 
What are the work setting requirements?
What is Quality Rated?
Which credentials and/or degrees are eligible for the award and what is the award amount? 
What is the application process?
What documentation must be sent with your final application? 
How many ECE-specific credit hours must my associate or bachelor's degree have in order to qualify for AWARDS for Early Educators?
What is the Professional Development System (GaPDS)?
What is an "Affidavit for Lawful Presence Verification"?
What documents are considered "secure and verifiable"?
How often do I have to submit a notarized "Affidavit for Lawful Presence Verification"?
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